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Siren: Karaoke & Social - Sing

4.6 ( 9776 ratings )
Musik Underhållning
Utvecklare: Chongqing Michong Technology Co.Ltd.

Party For Sing,the mobile phone KTV on-line, just sing together!

【HD sound quality, professional level】
The massive Free HD accompaniment, Cara OK online at all times and
places,even if friends arent in the side,you can also enjoy the sing
play,hold your personal concert,sing karaoke music passion,live
interaction with fans zero distance.More anti Mic King model, Cara OK
barrage and other fresh gameplay.

【Dating friends to sing】
Open the APP, party for sing online anytime&anywhere, together with
friends who even thousands of miles away can also be happy KTV! Unique
private room design, refused crosstalk and enter room wrong.

【Exclusive concert】
Without space, without any cost, K Master can hold their own exclusive
concert.Impromptu song,sing with music. Real time chat, zero distance
communication with fans, experience the shock of live broadcast.

【No Mic King】
Exclusive: Mic king KTV!Unique anti rob mic design,players in accordance
with the order of mic singing, truly national KTV!

【High sound quality】
Powerful audio technology, keep sound detail, clear and non distortion.
Break the sense of space and distance, heavenly music swelled just like
live,the exclusive karaoke room for you!

【HD library】
Free HD song accompaniment,release new songs synchronously,hot music
program and accompaniments to be updated in last time,Strive for being
Mic King.

【select song by phone】
Super - Simulation of KTV VOD system,sing with the mobile
phone."Individual center" arranging accompaniments automatically,its
instantaneous that select songs, song for practice!

【Sing barrage】
Magic sing barrage,very cuddly pendant with chat,its a unique style of
social experience for listen&sing.Group chat Anonymously,voice chat with
friends, and rich brilliant gift system, special instant blasting effects!
Download Party For Sing,Cara OK every day, more surprises are waiting for